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Annual Speed Week Bonneville Salt Flats

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With landspeed racing, pilots of custom high speed engine powered machines race across the Bonneville Salt Flats trying to go faster than any human recorded on a certain size and style of motorcycle. Some achieve over 200 m.p.h.

In Bonneville Landspeed racing, there is very little sponsorship funding available for participants beyond the level of them paying for it with side money as a hobby. It is a costly endeavor to develop, test and maintain these amazing machines, along with the cost of bringing them and the team people to the event with a bunch of operational expenses.

OMRA has been on the Salt at Bonneville for nearly 15 years, our team effort is structured with frugal arrangements of family/volunteers in place to get set up and operate on the salt and in the local area.

OMRA needs SPONSORS who can add to the team efforts in rebuilding the bikes that run in the classes which are getting records set.

Team goals are to upgrade mechanicals on the machine to finish establishing records in the current class with the blower Harley setup, and then move into a streamliner class. That will require rebuilding current machines into class acceptable structure which requires funding in building and machining.

All Major Sponsors are listed on the team trailer, website, and team calendar.  This team website is where you can view the archive of Bonneville images from the salt over the past 10 years.

OMRA Land Speed Racer Machine
The advantate OMRA has is that they have their entire operation rolling with them on and off the salt. This gives them an advantage of being able to work on their machines during and after hours on the salt, with the ability to pick up the bike if there's a problem and carry it back to the work area with all tools and mechanics right there with the machine at all times.
OMRA on the salt at Bonneville
Collaberating with Timing Officials before making a run
Team Sponsors from as far as Germany support the OMRA team effort and make the trek to Bonneville to watch all the action.

There's room for your sponsorship here also - get involved in the OMRA community..

Team supporters and OMRA chapter as far away as Germany

Discussing situation with Sponsors from Germany at camping area

Sitting back with officials, sponsors, and friends having a supper and visit.

OMRA 2013 Bonneville Salt Flats Record Holder area
Working at Impound after setting another record.

2013 sponsor pick nick Gathering kicks off with an amazing giant Rainbows overhead :-)

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2013 Sponsor BBQ with live music and fresh smoked ribs and salads.

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